6 Ways Flickr Enhances your Vacation

Enhance my vacation? I’m in!

Via a photo sharing site? Yeah right.  Show me what you’ve got.

Flickr Makes My Heart Flutter
Run by Yahoo, Flickr is a web-based photo sharing site for amateurs and professionals. You can share pics with your friends or the world. Tag by keyword and anyone can find topical photos . Even better, depending on the photographer’s settings, strangers around the world can download high-res images for their own non-commercial use.

Yahoo reported on their blog in June 2011 that Flickr had a total of 51 million registered members and 80 million unique visitors. In August 2011 the site was hosting more than 6 billion images. That’s a lot of photos to explore – and to add to your vacation album.

Excuse Me, You’re Suggesting  Using OTHER People’s Pics in MY Vacation Album?
Absolutely. We all buy postcards for the shots we could never get, right? Flickr is the same thing, but more personal and in exponential volume. The key is to caption those photos as coming from Flickr – don’t unintentionally impress your friends with work that’s not yours.

6 Ways Flickr Enhances your Vacation

  1. Fill in the gaps. All those lights of the Eiffel Tower look gorgeous in life but the picture is blurry. There’s a telephone pole in the background ruining a lovely landscape and you don’t have the skills to take it out (neither do I). You went into a cavern, a winery, on a candle-lit tour and your pictures look grainy and dark. But the experiences were so fabulous that you don’t want them absent from your album. Enter Flickr. Search on the keyword and find pictures from people who got the exact shot you want. Download the highest resolution available and, happy day, you’ve got those visual cues to remind yourself and share with others.
  2. Download in Bulk. If you travel a lot (like I do), you need to supplement photos with regularity. Buy a Flickr add-on called Bulkr ($40), which lets you download faster and with abandon. The traditional Flickr method downloads one photo at a time. It takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R. With Bulkr you select multiple photos to download at once. Zipadeedoodah!
  3. Learn to take better pictures. Flickr is an innate, yet passive, photo tutorial. Look up your destination and see what people did well and not so well – both are good lessons. I prefer to look AFTER the trip so I can call on my own creativity in the moment and not simply mimic what someone else did. But once home I’ll look through destinations where I felt photographically stumped and see how others captured the space. It gives me ideas for how to handle future situations without being a copycat for that specific attraction.
  4. Pay it forward. Surely you captured a moment or scene that someone else wants. After using Flickr to supplement your trip album, return the favor and share your pics, too.
  5. Something for everyone. The true bonus of sharing your pics is that if you tag them very specifically, like “rusty mailbox,” you’ll find out that there are Flickr groups both for mailboxes and for rusty things.  They get pinged when their tag is used and invite you to join the group. And why not – perhaps you like to photograph rusty mailboxes (I do – take a look) and you’ll virtually meet others and learn from their skills.
  6. These kids today. You’ll also learn the spectacular value of UrbanDictionary.com. At a festival I innocently took pictures of sno cones–I liked the vibrant colors. Then the pictures became a favorite of person after person, all with, um, creative screen names. So I looked up Sno Cone on Urban Dictionary and learned that it’s slang for getting stoned. Of course it is. Read more about my innocence lost.

Vacations are ripe with sensory input – a key one being visual. If you aren’t a talented photographer, or if you have limited skills in certain settings, benefit from the generosity of those of who have talent and share it. It’ll help bring your vacation to life every time you revisit it.

What other tricks do you have for keeping vacation memories fresh?
For capturing or leveraging the stimuli from the moment?
Want to see my Flickr page? Go for it!

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You went to the Jack Daniels Distillery and did not bring any whiskey back to Atlanta? Not even a picture of a keg?



Thanks for this Paula. My photography is indeed Hit and Miss and I have just joined Flickr and am a bit hesitant about what to put on there. I mostly put my best photos on Facebook and in my travel blog but I’m certainly open to suggestions. Time is definitely an issue.


Time is an issue for everyone, indeed. Some people use Facebook to share with friends and some use Flickr. do what feels right for you. I stopped putting pics on FB as I got more into my blog and using Flickr, just migrated. My closest friends follow the blog so they see the pics there anyway!

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