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New York City, NY, NYC, I love NY, mug, souvenir, taxi, cab, statue of liberty, snow globeNew York City’s main draw for me is friends. The city is amazing – and so is learning about how friends live there. It’s a life completely different from mine – and that’s the point. The point of being New York and the point of travel.

I love the anonymity at the same time that you’re face to face with so many people. I love the grandeur of some buildings and the despair of others.

Delancey Street, NY, New York, NYC, Crossing Delancey, subwayV.E.R.Y. Specific Sales Plan
hat, NY, NYC, New York, Lower East SideThis trip took me to Delancey Street, where I fantasized I’d meet the pickle man. Sadly the store closed for Shabbos (Jewish Sabbath) just before we (elementary school friend Miriam and now New Yorker)  arrived. But along the way we met a Greek man who (talks a lot and) has had his hat store for 40 years. It’s just a tiny closet of a shop and that’s his livelihood (unless I’m naive and there are, um, other sources of income).

For Better Service, Don’t Speak English
Then there’s the fabric store where we got better service once Miriam started talking in Russian with the men. Apparently flirting has no age boundaries! It was overwhelming and overflowing: ribbons and lace; patterns and textures. And it made me wish I could sew more than a loose button.Fabric store, NY, NYC, New York, Lower East side, ribbon, fabric, spool, button

Holy Sugar Coma, Batman!
Economy Candy claims to have the most candy in one place. There may be some truth to that assertion.  A summer-long quest for ribbon candy for Mom was satisfied–only to discover it tastes disgusting. Oh well! Treats indigenous to communities around the world. Childhood memories. Candy necklaces, enormous lollipops, more tootsie rolls than Dad could dream of. The most fun was hearing all the shouts of glee and squeals across the store as friends called out to each other when they found something.Economy Candy, NY, NYC, New York, Llower East Side, chocolate, scale, gobstoppers, pretzels, candy bars

While groovy stationery stores and lovely imports can be found anywhere, there’s something about the sparse square footage of New York that makes everything feel like a treasure.

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Great photos! I love NYC so much =)

Come visit upstate New York sometime, specifically Corning NY, to the west of NYC. We’re in a rural area and offer numerous wineries (and tastings) up and down Lakes Keuka and Seneca, the Corning Museum of Glass, the Rakow Research Library (world’s largest collection of books and magazines on glass), the Rockwell Museum of Western Art, Samuel Clemen’s (Mark Twain) home in nearby Elmira, the Glenn H. Curtiss Aviation Museum in nearby Hammondsport… You get the idea, small towns, yet lots to see and do. We’d love to have you stop by.

sounds divine! can’t wait to come!

Oops, I entered my website with one too many letters, so this is a correction:

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