Disclosure Policy

From time to time I may suggest books or products on this blog. If I find something interesting or helpful my personality is compelled to tell folks. I’m also big into networking, ask my friends (or check out my LinkedIn profile).

The point is, as often as possible, these recommendations will be connected behind-the-scenes to websites that pay me a commission if you buy them. (So please buy them)

Sometimes a company will ask me to review a product; you have my word that I’ll be honest with you.
Yay, Nay, or May-be.

Any time I’m reviewing a product for compensation or promoting items for commission there will always be a notice of that reality. No secrets. Well, at least not when it comes to this. There are parts of my life that are only for my dearest friends or my dear diary.

Dinner ≠ Goodnight Kiss

Why all this Disclosure business? Well, it’s legally required. Read more about the FTC Ruling for Bloggers.

But mostly because it’s the right thing to do. If I’m trying to make money off of your actions, then you should know about it. If I’m writing about a place I visited and they gave me complimentary entrance, it’s good to know for context—but I’ll always be honest. Just because a guy bought dinner doesn’t mean he gets a goodnight kiss….

Very Formal Phrasing

Other Disclosure Statements studied in order to write this one all referred to themselves in the third person. So if that makes things more official, here goes.

All opinions expressed on the Americana the Beautiful blog are my own, Paula Londe. Unless there’s a guest-post, which will clearly identify the author.

Thank You

For reading, for commenting, for creating a community of people known and not-met. Wishing you wonderful travels!

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