An Ode to a Hiking Pole

Well, not an “ode”, really. More like prose. Ok, just some words. Deal with it.

Why have I waited so long to hike with a pole? It makes a spectacular difference and I now have intense feelings for alloy.

What inanimate object do you love disproportionately?
What’s your favorite camping/hiking/travel essential?

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Purel. Or babywipes. They came in handy in Africa. And poles are awesome. They evoke the “I am a serious hiker” vibe. Please provide photos of said pole. Did you get a plain old walking stick or the kind with the mean little spike (doubles as a marshmellow roaster) at the end?


How lovely that you want to see a picture. I’ve spent the last few days thinking of how to make that happen! And i suppose I could ask a neighbor to take a picture… it’s a basic Coleman from Target. not quite a spike on the end, but not flat either.


I want a didgeridoo walking stick

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