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A delight

I love that whitewater rafting makes grown men giggle.

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Zombies are the Nicest People

Pub Crawl? Not my scene. Zombies, you say? I’ll be right there! The folks who bring Halloween frights and delights sponsored this event, complete with makeup artists to transform you from average-citizen-by-day to goopy-zombie-by-night. Tricks of the trade? Cocoa powder for dirt, rice for maggots, and possibly cake icing for wounds and dimension. Yay grocery […]

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Ever Been to a Bordello? Me Neither.

I’ve also never been to a brothel or whorehouse (my mother must be beaming). But since I’m neither a man nor a cowboy/miner my, um, lack of experience isn’t surprising. Turns out the ladies knew more than just how to show a good time, they also knew how to secure payment in advance. Guests had […]

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Jack Daniels’ Bar Miztvah Project

While just a wee thing, Jack Daniels learned about distilling whiskey. When he turned 13 his teachers found the error of their ways and took to the Spirit, instead of spirits, and left Jack to fend for himself. And fend he did, making a product, brand, and a successful business. Indeed, he became a man […]

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Blessing of the Fleet, Darien GA (April 2011)

Just a girl (ok, woman) and a dream: to go to as many wacky small-town festivals as possible. And the Blessing of the Fleet seemed perfect. Which fleet? Well, it’s for the shrimp boats, which isn’t exactly beshert for a someone who keeps kosher, but feh, it’s a FESTIVAL! Go anyway! I don’t have to […]

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