Barbershop Quartet, Anyone?

When my friend, Jef (whom I’m visiting), said a friend of his was performing in a Barbershop Quartet, he didn’t have to ask me twice.

  1. How awesome is that?
  2. I L.O.V.E. a capella
  3. In college nearly all of my crushes were developed at a capella shows, so perhaps this would be a chance for an-on-the-road romance.

Let’s put to rest–immediately–that this was not the chance for and on-the-road romance. The performers were mostly in their 80s. No exaggeration. And I am not looking for a sugar (grand) daddy.

a capella

Sorry for the terrible pic; iPhone from a distance. What can you do?

Dashed dreams aside, the show was wonderful. Although I did fret about those suited gentlemen standing for that long. Some of them got wobbly toward the end, and no joke, I think one nodded off during the performance.

It brought back fond memories of college a capella concerts. And made me smile at these gentlemen’s commitment to an art that they love.

Want to know the history of Barbershop Quartets? Of COURSE you do! It actually did start in the babershop–in the African American community around the turn of the 20th century. As men hung out chatting (gossiping), they might turn to song and harmonizing. Then minstrel sings adopted the style and its popularity grew. And yes, women can have barbershop quartets, too.


What’s one of your favorite memories from college – aside from anything related to alcohol or athletics (I’m sneaky, aren’t I?)


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One of my favorite things in college was – OMG, I cannot believe I’m admitting to this — was a freshman year co-ed folk and square dance class. It was the only thing available when I needed a phys ed credit, so I gritted my teeth and showed up. Most of the other students were there for the same reason. Some of us had dance experience, and most of the guys had none whatsoever. Those crazy combinations drove us nuts, and we had a lot of fun trying to figure them out while crashing and burning the squares. I made friendships in that class that lasted all through school.

I love square dancing, but don;t know how! It was the freshman orientation program the first night of college. We all looked at each like, we’re doing what? and then had a blast!

Our campus Songfest was a competition between the [local] fraternities and sororities on campus. We would spend weeks rehearsing and then perform in front of judges. One year we sang “Wells Fargo Wagon” and “Till There Was You” from “Music Man” and won first prize. We also won first the next year when I directed and we sang “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor” and “America the Beautiful” – (pulling on the judges’ heartstrings).

These experiences as well as college choir and trips we took to sing for high schools and other events are highlights for me. Years and years later, I sitll sing in my church choir and in a local group’s Summer Singers. What a joy music has been for me!

I’m a sucker for all of those songs, too!

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