Boston: Where Shoes are Clues to your Work

Note: this trip to Boston was in Spring 2009, but I hadn’t blogged about it. And since I’m in the region now, thought I’d pull out the tales and pics.

Living in a city myself, I’m admittedly biased against them for travel. I prefer nature to sidewalks. So imagine my surprise when Boston provided plenty of quirk to make me reconsider.


Historic graveyards next to drug stores. We don’t have that at home.

Wrought iron decorating buildings left and right. Don’t have that either.

boston wrought iron

It’s a Living

Tourists and tour guides, laborers and business folk, ties and overalls. Eat lunch outside and compare hands and shoes as clues to a person’s profession.

Boston people

A Cozy Reading Corner

What a treat to walk down the street and find the nook where a building had been was now converted into an outdoor bookstore. Of course! Brattle Book Shop was as cute as the older gentleman shopping there.

Brattle Books


What’s one of your favorite city discoveries?


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