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When the Journey IS the Destination: The Glory of the Blue Ridge Parkway

testingWhen the Journey IS the Destination: The Glory of the Blue Ridge Parkway

Views from the Blue Ridge Parkway   It’s not often that the journey actually IS the destination. When driving on the Blue Ridge Parkway, this is most definitely the case. Sure, you may have a place to go, but the going is a delight and you’re happy to let it take a while. Pause for […]

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Why the Smoky Mountains are called “Smoky”

testingWhy the Smoky Mountains are called “Smoky”

Look at the vista: nine horizons! And all a bit blurred and foggy, which is exactly why the mountains are named Smoky. For the fog that fills the valleys. some say it’s because of emissions from the flora and fauna. I don’t know how all of that would work, all I know is that it’s […]

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Blind Fish, Bats, and Slimy Rock. Sounds Cozy.

testingBlind Fish, Bats, and Slimy Rock. Sounds Cozy.

Who doesn’t love spending an hour-ish in a dimly lit space, with water dripping on your head, and trying desperately not to rub against slimy looking green rocks? Count me in. I LOVE it! Linville Caverns in North Carolina takes you inside a mountain. That’s pretty damn cool. Mountains or Molehills Caverns can form only […]

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A Slice of the Big Apple

New York City’s main draw for me is friends. The city is amazing – and so is learning about how friends live there. It’s a life completely different from mine – and that’s the point. The point of being New York and the point of travel. I love the anonymity at the same time that […]

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Driftwood Potential

Do you think of trees when you think of the beach? Me neither. But the Outer Banks of North Carolina aren’t your typical beach. Rife with history and lore, OBX also sports a beach on both the sound and the ocean, making for an incredible variety of beauty and options for activity. So finding the […]

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