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An Amazing Flume. And We’re not Talking about a Ride at Six Flags

Some places are breath-taking. Others are breath-giving. The Flume at Franconia Notch in New Hampshire gives breath, wonder, and glee. Vocabulary Lesson Notch – a mountain pass Flume – in this case, a natural gorge. They’re also built to create a gravity shoot, using the water’s power to move items, like logs, down a mountain […]

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Why Does the Chicken Coop Move with the Sheep?

So you want to know why they move the chicken coop with the roaming sheep herd ? Well it’s not for some goober reason like to get to the other side of the road. No, not these chickens. The chickens eat the bugs that hurt sheep hooves. How simple. Poetic almost. And there’s the llama […]

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Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream: Secrets to their Chunk-to-Ice-Cream-Ratio

We may think of Ben & Jerry’s as quintessential Vermont, but it turns out they have factories across the US, and wait for it, in Tel Aviv Israel. A perfectly natural choice for ice cream production. The factory tour is filled as much with clever tidbits as it is eccentric painting and massive obsession with […]

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Why Carousels were Placed at the End of the Train Line

Carousels were often placed at the rail line’s end to encourage people to keep riding. Stay on a few more stops and then instead of riding in a straight line, you can ride in a circle. But I shouldn’t be snarky, I love carousels. What makes them so romantic? One of the carousels at the […]

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The Least Touristy Destination I’ve Encountered

Nary a postcard or a t-shirt to be found. And I wanted both. And to be honest, it’s not often that I want a t-shirt from a destination, but the Massachusetts Berkshires have made it to the list as one of my magical places and that deserves a t-shirt, don’t you think? The List of […]

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