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A Different Perspective on Apron Strings

What a delight! The Apron Museum in Iuka, Mississippi has antique aprons dating back to the Civil War. Fancy aprons and work aprons. It started because the owner read books that included characters who wear aprons and that caught her attention. Most of the collection features home-made pieces, which are special to the person’s interests. […]

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Go on Safari! In Georgia?

At the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA they sell slobber towels with good reason. The animals know that there’s food in them thar cars and they come INSIDE to get it! Here’s the skinny: you wander around (by-foot) a zoo-like experience with reptiles and miscellaneous animals while you wait for your turn to […]

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And Suddenly, We Were Way Down Upon the Suwanee River

The famed river of song turns out to be in my home state of Georgia and is quite lovely. What a treat! Turns out the song was written by someone who had never been here, called it “ribber,” and spoke of slaves missing the Plantation. Kinda ruined the romance. I opted to ignore that history […]

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Beartown: Is this Where Fairies Live?

When you pull into a parking lot and there are bikers (engines, not pedals), it’s a good sign. They go to the best places (perhaps I say that because I go to the same places they do…). Well, bikers love Beartown, West Virginia and with good reason. It sparkles with light yet stays cool. Ferns […]

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