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Sliding Rock: Natural Fun, Freezing Cold…Can I Go Again?

Sliding Rock is even better than it sounds. A naturally-occurring 60-foot waterslide that lands in a seven-foot deep pool. Surrounded by the trees and mountains of Brevard, North Carolina. Um, is there a limit to how many times I can go on the slide? No? Perfect. What’s the Attire? People wore wading boots, tennis shoes, […]

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Hang Gliding when you’re Afraid of Heights

Hang gliding was amazing! I didn’t do the kind where you run off the mountain – I am afraid of falling on my face, crushing my legs on landing, and being able to fly the thing. No, I didn’t create irrational fears about this at all… Instead I went tandem, which involves a plane. Forced […]

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What Goes 25mph and Giggles all the Way?

There’s a mountain coaster in New Hampshire, you say? I don’t entirely understand what that means, but I’ll be there. I’ll be the one with adrenaline giggles. Attitash Mountain Resort offers winter-time activities like, well, skiing. They also have other ways to enjoy the rush of going down a slope for those who aren’t skiing-inclined […]

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Hot Air Ballooning: Not for Claustraphobics or Agoraphobics

Interestingly, hot air ballooning is an activity that is simultaneously not for claustraphobics or agoraphobics. Or if you’re afraid of heights: we were 750 feet in the air. The balloon weighs 850 lbs (and is 130 feet tall) and the basket 1,850; add the people and it’s 6,000 pounds! All this can be yours for […]

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Rafting the New River: Fun, Fear, and Giggles

First the facts and then the fun. (Although learning is fun, yes I know.) The New River in West Virginia has various stories for why it’s so named, none of them satisfactory in my opinion. It actually flows Northeast (NE) and some folks think people started calling it “new” from reading the direction symbol on […]

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