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The Ostrich Festival

testingThe Ostrich Festival

When a friend asks if you want to go to the Ostrich Festival, the answer is always yes. A resounding yes! So off went Susan, a floormate from freshman year of college, her two kids, and me. Chandler AZ–look out! We’re here to have some fun! Rides that prove your age by how nauseous they […]

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Do Pumpkins Have Any Use Besides Halloween Decoration?

testingDo Pumpkins Have Any Use Besides Halloween Decoration?

I’m not going to answer that question here because I don’t really care. But the thought came to mind as I watched the folks of St. Joseph Missouri stack more than 800 jack-o-lanterns for PumpkinFest, plus the additional hundreds painted and glittered by school children. The 800+ are creating a “mountain”–built out of scaffolding. This […]

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Barbershop Quartet, Anyone?

When my friend, Jef (whom I’m visiting), said a friend of his was performing in a Barbershop Quartet, he didn’t have to ask me twice. How awesome is that? I L.O.V.E. a capella In college nearly all of my crushes were developed at a capella shows, so perhaps this would be a chance for an-on-the-road […]

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The Tomato Festival – Pure and Simple

testingThe Tomato Festival – Pure and Simple

Just because I think tomatoes are squishy, flavorless, and gross doesn’t mean I won’t go to a festival in their honor. I mean, they ARE colorful, and the festival was a fundraiser for the local fire department, so count me in! The Tomato Festival in Washington Boro, Pennsylvania introduced me to games I didn’t know […]

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What Gets Teen Boys Dancing? Apparently Disco.

testingWhat Gets Teen Boys Dancing? Apparently Disco.

You’re at a festival, waiting for the main show to start, so they play some music. The Electric Slide: a few women join the obligatory mascot. The bunny hop: the kids have a grand time. The double dutch funk (or something): no one knows what’s going on so the mascot is all alone. Y.M.C.A.: the […]

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