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100 MPH Teddy Bears

What goes 100mph and takes 12 minutes for completion? Why a Vermont Teddy Bear. At the factory tour you learn that these cute creatures are blasted with stuffing at a rate of a hundred miles an hour. Shazzam.  And ouch, don’t ya think? Fashionistas With more than 150 designs like angels and superheros, they actually […]

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Now Wait Just One Cotton Pickin Minute

While driving through the Mississippi Delta I discovered that cotton fields are worth pulling over to the side of the road. And getting your feet so stuck in the mud that you truly can’t move your feet. I mean, they weren’t going ANYWHERE. Finally after a great slurping sound there was freedom. And then stuck […]

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A BBQ Mecca

Abe’s BBQ in Clarksdale, Mississippi is a religious experience for many; I am obviously of another faith. It’s tangy, which isn’t a word I like under any circumstance, but definitely not with my brisket. That aside, the history was rich, the service charming, and the experience well worth the stop.

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Even Jewish Girls Get the Blues

A trip to Clarksdale, Mississippi introduced me to more Blues than I could have hoped for. Plus I learned that it’s an international destination: a family from Austria came to the US for the summer and went to Miami, NY, and Clarksdale! At the Delta Blues Museum you wander through rows of albums and memorabilia. […]

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People Who Do Topiary Besides Mr. Miyagi

Pearl Fryar just decided to start topiary one day. Of course he did. And now it consumes his South Carolina yard, the neighboring lot, and the one across the street used for parking. Some work are patterns in shrubs, but most are ornate statues that remind me of hairstyles from Dr. Seuss. Have you encountered […]

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