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Insomnia Cure: Glue Buttons onto Stuff

The Button King Dalton Stevens is charming, gracious, and well, cute. He welcomes all guests to his South Carolina “museum” with a kitschy song that’s performed quite well. And shows off with pride his collection of items covered with buttons: a hearse, a coffin, a piano, light plates. He has insomnia and thought this was […]

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Sunflower Farm: A Field of Dreams

Flowers: what’s not to love? Sunflowers: what’s REALLY not to love? A field that’s acre(s) big and flowers at all stages of blooming. I’m 5’8″ and many were taller than I am–what a delight! Have you ever run through a field of flowers? Was it in a movie or real life? Visit your local farm, […]

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We Used to Be Number One!

The New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia used to be the longest steel arch bridge in the world. Then China went and built one longer than 1,700 feet and the claim to fame was lost. I wonder if they pulled a Price-is-Right-strategy and built theirs 1,701 feet? I digress…. So now, this bridge is […]

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Miss Scarlett in the Kitchen with the Lodge Skillet

I’ve heard about people being hit upside the head with a skillet, but I never understood the impact until visiting the Lodge Cast Iron Factory in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Those things have some heft. And the factory was fascinating. So much huge (noisy) machinery to make relatively small items. Sand, water and time – just […]

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Jack Daniels’ Bar Miztvah Project

While just a wee thing, Jack Daniels learned about distilling whiskey. When he turned 13 his teachers found the error of their ways and took to the Spirit, instead of spirits, and left Jack to fend for himself. And fend he did, making a product, brand, and a successful business. Indeed, he became a man […]

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