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Mississippi: Highways, Farmland, and Kudzu

The Magnolia State? Not in the Delta, where I visited. I’ll have to return for a mint-julep experience.  Regardless of the landscape, the people are gracious, cordial, and charismatic. I’m not a Farmer, but I Play one on TV If you’re not a farmer, packer, or trucker, you’re in business to support them. Equipment and […]

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Now Wait Just One Cotton Pickin Minute

While driving through the Mississippi Delta I discovered that cotton fields are worth pulling over to the side of the road. And getting your feet so stuck in the mud that you truly can’t move your feet. I mean, they weren’t going ANYWHERE. Finally after a great slurping sound there was freedom. And then stuck […]

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A River with Depths of 3-200 Feet?

Yes, indeed. It’s the Mighty Mississippi. It’s not so mighty in looks, but the stats will make a girl reconsider her first impression. It flows at three feet per hour (the pace of a person walking).  The depth ranges from 3-200 feet at different locations, and fluctuates 50 feet (!) depending on the weather and […]

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A BBQ Mecca

Abe’s BBQ in Clarksdale, Mississippi is a religious experience for many; I am obviously of another faith. It’s tangy, which isn’t a word I like under any circumstance, but definitely not with my brisket. That aside, the history was rich, the service charming, and the experience well worth the stop.

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Even Jewish Girls Get the Blues

A trip to Clarksdale, Mississippi introduced me to more Blues than I could have hoped for. Plus I learned that it’s an international destination: a family from Austria came to the US for the summer and went to Miami, NY, and Clarksdale! At the Delta Blues Museum you wander through rows of albums and memorabilia. […]

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