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How RV Repairs Turned Me into a Bag Lady

testingHow RV Repairs Turned Me into a Bag Lady

I am one person and I’m traveling with four bags, a camera bag and a purse. Yet I only have two pairs of shoes! I also bring my own pillow–and it’s king size (only the best). I tote these back forth between hotels and my SUV even if my stay is only overnight. And it’s […]

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Please, May I Have Some More?

So… we’ve been in a relationship now for roughly two months. I’ve been on the road and writing, you’ve been reading and loving every minute of it. (Some of us have an even longer companionship, dating back to the blog’s inception in April 2011, but shh, let’s not tell the others, they’ll get jealous of […]

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When Independence becomes Dependent on Others

This post is going to be a bit of an enigma–holes, questions unanswered, and unknown factors. Are you intrigued? When your home is on wheels, and your travel is on wheels, things go amuck when the home finds itself in less than tip-top shape. Here’s my situation. An accident that wasn’t my fault sent the […]

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On the 7th (ish) Day, She Rested. Time Off while Traveling

Almost daily my friends back home ask if I feel like I’m on a constant vacation. It’s a fair question, and before leaving I expected that level of bliss. But I don’t feel like I’m on vacation; full-time travel is different. Vacation is both frantic and relaxed at the same time. Frantic to get to […]

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No Shoes Inside! The Unspoken Code of Camping

testingNo Shoes Inside! The Unspoken Code of Camping

When you live in 184 sq ft, you notice things. Is that a bug? No, just sock fuzz. Is that a pea under my mattress? No, everyone already knows I’m a princess, no need to test. Is that a pebble on the floor or a boulder? I can’t escape it while walking around the vast […]

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