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11 Websites (& 2 Books) to Plan a U.S. Vacation that’s Exactly what YOU Want

It takes all kinds. Some folks like peanut butter and jelly; others peanut butter and bananas; and still others want peanut butter and marshmallow fluff (AKA a fluffernutter). Similarly, some want to vacation with a tour group for all of the info and none of the decisions. Some tear an article out of a magazine […]

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My Hero Drives a Subaru

testingMy Hero Drives a Subaru

Part of trailer life is emptying the black tank – it holds all the yucky waste. When all goes well, you merely hear it; thankfully you don’t see it, smell it, touch it, or encounter it in any way other than by pulling a lever and everything goes down a hose into a drain and […]

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Full-Time Travel vs Vacation: Getting Acclimated

This doesn’t feel like vacation.  It likely won’t. And truly it shouldn’t. This is full-time travel. The Daily Grind Wake around 6:30, roll over and go back to sleep/semi-consciousness until 7:30 or 8:00. Yeah, that’s yummy. Then I write for 2-3 hours. For you fine folks, for myself, for future projects. What other projects, you […]

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They Don’t Teach This in High School Driver’s Ed

testingThey Don’t Teach This in High School Driver’s Ed

The first peek of Virginia landscape was a delight. Tree-covered peaks, railroad tracks aside the river (so smart). Ahh. Let’s say it again, together. Ahh. Then, to my (misguided) delight, there were curvy roads. I love(d) curvy roads! Coast, sweep, swoon. Repeat. That was BTT. Before the Trailer. Minimum Speed Limit You see, those speed […]

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The Artist and the Anthropologist

testingThe Artist and the Anthropologist

Whether it’s true or not, we often believe that someone is watching. So we alter our behavior to be whatever we think “they” want it to be. This was once best enforced in prisons with the concept of a few unseen guards to monitor the many, and today with security cameras (don’t adjust your clothes […]

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