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A Bug’s Life…Is Short When It’s Inside My Trailer

Disclaimer: if you don’t believe in killing bugs when they’re in your home, then you won’t like this post. That’s your prerogative. It’s mine to kill as many as I can. Got ready for bed, turned around and the bug exhibit from the zoo had inhabited my trailer. They were miniscule, but they were still […]

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When Putting Air in your Tires Becomes a Herculean Feat

Putting air in your tires. An everyday occurrence. Or actually, in my life, a rare occurrence because I almost never needed to do it. Or if I did, I lived in blissful (dangerous) ignorance. That was BTT. Before the Trailer. Now with less than two weeks of driving on her, baby needed air. And I […]

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Planning a Cross-Country Road Trip? You’ll need these 8 People to Help.

Whether your trip is for a month or a year (or longer!), it’s likely flooded with emotion, excitement, and a million questions. My trip is all-in. Sold my house, quit my job, found a home for my dog who would have found traveling miserable, and away I go for a year-ish. The trip was conceived […]

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Trailer? I Barely Know Her!

The first Monday in February I woke up and decided that it was time to quit my job, sell my house, buy a trailer, and travel cross-country. Just like that. Except it wasn’t really just like that. Major soul-searching helped me realize that I’d been fantasizing about this for years and unconsciously working towards it […]

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How does a Family of 5 Alpha Adults Travel Together?

Very carefully. The scene: Washington, D.C. The players: my brother, his wife and their daughters (7 &10); our parents (in their 70s); and me The context: we haven’t traveled as a family since my brother and I were 16 and 12 respectively. We love each other very much, mind you. In fact, that’s WHY we […]

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