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Grandpa’s Travel Photos – What To Do With Them?

Grandpa’s pictures are a treasure. But now, at the milestone of packing the house, what to do with travel pics of scenery without Grandma & Grandpa? We’re taught that “good” travel photos are of the place, not the traveler. Art vs family. Read the full article, posted on TravelDudes.

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Choosing To Travel the US And Not the World

It’s fun to meet folks while traveling. And when writing about travel, we also meet virtually. The kind people at Inspiring Travelers opened their blog to guest posters; and fancy that, they took my submission. What did I write about? Why Americana the Beautiful, of course. And choosing to travel the US, not the world.

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6 Reasons PowerPoint is an Excellent Vacation Planning Tool (Yes, PowerPoint)

You’re ready to plan a vacation. Destination is chosen, guidebooks are ordered, and you’ve begun scouring the tourism website(s). Help! So. Many. Options. If you’re like me, you don’t want to make many/any decisions on vacation. Playing it by ear while actually on vacation appeals to some; but at the same time, who wants to […]

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A Day at the Beach

What’s your pleasure? Reading, surfing, tossing a ball, building a sand castle, napping? The beach makes them all possible. Yet there’s a high risk of finding sand in unpleasant places, which is why I’m more of a mountain girl. But the beach has MUCH better people-watching than any hike. Enter the beaches of North Carolina’s […]

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Why Do We Say “Beach Umbrella” and not “Beach Parasol”?

I ask because as it turns out, parasols were frilly and meant to protect from the sun, while umbrellas were given the duty of rain defense. But somehow we’ve mixed the terms up when it comes to the beach – or maybe it’s just that no one uses “parasol” anymore. If you’re curious, the concept […]

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