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A Most Terrifying Museum

testingA Most Terrifying Museum

I have never felt mortal fear like this. Not when rappelling and I fell and hit the rock face; not when hang-gliding 2,000 feet in the air; not when whitewater rafting over six-foot waves—in a river. This fear was awakened in a museum—and ultimately confirmed by two more. New Mexico is as much the land […]

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Should We Live in a Cave or a Canyon?

testingShould We Live in a Cave or a Canyon?

If there’s a perfectly good canyon–with a stream–why would Native American people choose to live in caves carved into a cliff? If there are perfectly good caves, why would people choose to go to the effort of building homes in the canyon? Since the Ancestral Pueblo people of mid-New Mexico had both kinds of dwellings […]

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Turquoise Mines ~ Not What You Expect

testingTurquoise Mines ~ Not What You Expect

When I made the reservation for the turquoise mine tour, the guy said to wear sturdy shoes and bring a hat. Makes sense, we’re going underground; it could be dirty or cold or both. At check-in I asked his wife which kind of hat to bring: warm with pom pom or baseball cap. She said […]

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Amulets, Marionettes, and a lot of Jesus

testingAmulets, Marionettes, and a lot of Jesus

Turns out folk art exists everywhere. In my limited thinking, it’s a Southern thing comprised of jugs with faces and painted tin. But lo and behold, it includes tapestries and hats, figurines (often related to Jesus), saddles, weapons, amulets, even toys. Santa Fe, NM hosts the Museum of International Folk Art. I was not prepared […]

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Why Did You Make Chocolate Boring?

testingWhy Did You Make Chocolate Boring?

Happy coincidence or cruel punishment? I was at the International Museum of Folk Art in Santa Fe (ahhhh, more tomorrow) and there was a lecture on the history of chocolate. Mom would disown me if I didn’t go, but I took a seat in the back, on an aisle in case it was dull. It […]

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