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This Here’s Pirate Country

At one time there were 2,000 boats lurking in the shallow waters. The ports of North Carolina were business hubs, and the Outer Banks created excellent hiding places with tides that allowed for trickery like toppling a ship. Blackbeard the pirate was infamous here, and feared because he wove fuses into his beard and hat. […]

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Why Do We Say “Beach Umbrella” and not “Beach Parasol”?

I ask because as it turns out, parasols were frilly and meant to protect from the sun, while umbrellas were given the duty of rain defense. But somehow we’ve mixed the terms up when it comes to the beach – or maybe it’s just that no one uses “parasol” anymore. If you’re curious, the concept […]

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What’s the Origin of the Phrase “Here Fishy, Fishy”?

Not a clue. Sorry to tease you, but I’m hoping you can help. See, the phrase came to mind while thinking about this post and I wondered why exactly it did come to mind, and therefore how did I know it. Couldn’t find anything helpful on the web. Seriously. Not even Wikipedia! It is a […]

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Why Fences are Built on Sand Dunes

While in the Outer Banks of North Carolina I learned the answer to something that had always piqued my curiosity. Why are there fences on sand dunes? Clearly not for marking territory…we’ll leave to the dogs (did I take it too far?). Turns out fences build up the dune. They create alleys for the wind […]

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How the Outer Banks Can Lure Even an Anti-Beach Person

Peekaboo of Water The beach and beauty hide themselves as you drive along the road at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A highway sided by craggy plants protects others who are more delicate. Only a mile wide at some points, the island has the incredible benefit of having both sunrise and sunset–on water–within arm’s […]

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