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Cowboys are my Weakness

An excellent song by Trisha Yearwood – give it a listen. Don’t be hater just because you don’t like Country music. (ahem, Bobbi and Cori – I’m talking to YOU) And fare for sale at a Kentucky flea market. Dreamy sigh.

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Kentucky was my first encounter with corn.

testingKentucky was my first encounter with corn.

Wait, let me clarify. With corn fields, specifically. And to call them a “field” really is an understatement. They’re more like corn…territories. Corn, corn, corn, grocery store, corn, corn, corn. And even with all the tales of woe wrought by Monsanto, these corn fields were magnificent. The details of the plants; the strength of the […]

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Live Free or Die–a New Perspective on New Hampshire’s Call to Arms

When first proclaimed, Live Free or Die was New Hampshire’s  call to “assertive independence” during the Revolutionary War. (Thank you Wikipedia for confirming what my education left foggy.) Today it seems to be about an independence found in exploration, pushing your own limits, and a culture that’s both physically active and emotionally laid back. This […]

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Vermont: Where the State Beverage is Milk

First of all, I didn’t know there were state beverages. Did you? Secondly, to have milk as your state beverage…Bad. Ass. Thirdly, milk gets around. It’s the state beverage for 19 states. Rhode Island has “coffee milk”–is that creamer? Fourthly, with 18 other states claiming milk, Vermont is no longer quite so badass. Fifthly (is […]

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What Everybody Ought to Know about Connecticut

It’s not a big state–no news there. It has the highest per capita income and median household income in the U.S. Maybe only a few folks on your trivia team know that, but it’s not something EVERYBODY should know. By my standards what they ought to know is that for a small state seen as […]

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