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Why Covered Bridges were Painted Red

testingWhy Covered Bridges were Painted Red

You’ve spent your budget building a structure and now need to give it color and weather protection. Enter the color red. It started by combining dirt and rust with your paint base–resourceful.  In time iron ochre became a legitimate color, yet still inexpensive. And both bridges and barns adopted it as their calling card. Serendipity […]

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Swans are very Bendy

Driving along in Arkansas and suddenly there’s a pair of swans. Of course there is. I’ve never seen swans that aren’t bought for a man-made lake or a movie wedding so this was very exciting! A good while was spent sitting in the grass watching them, smiling gleefully, and learning that they’re incredibly bendy animals. […]

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A Clan of Elk

Nothing stops “traffic” like wildlife. It’s beautiful to see people of all ages pile out of their cars, turn down radios, and talk in hushed voices to pause and watch magnificent animals. This clan in the Arkansas Ozarks has 13 females, one calf and one bull. In general, elk are out at sunrise and sundown. […]

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Fall Foliage in the Arkansas Ozarks

No words. Just pictures. And a picture is worth a thousand words. Can’t see the slideshow? Click here.

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When you’re a Jet… A Tale of a Dragonfly Gang (sortof)

Dragonflies are no longer the frightening creatures of childhood. Back then I didn’t notice that they have different colors, vibrant and iridescent. Do they have cliques based on color and breed? Can a petal tail befriend a darner? Or is it like the Bloods and Crypts? Which bugs no longer freak you out? Or the […]

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