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Sinkholes Don’t Always Mean Catastrophe

testingSinkholes Don’t Always Mean Catastrophe

When you’re hunting for caverns–glorious underground labyrinths with features formed from rock and water–you hope to find a sinkhole. It means that the cavern extends–you’ve found a weakness in the roof; which is scary for your home, and kinda for a cave, but excellent news for finding otherworldly beauty. Sinkholes led college-age explorers to find […]

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Do You Know Why There’s Oil in Texas?

testingDo You Know Why There’s Oil in Texas?

Wind, water and time. Isn’t that always the answer? Texas used to be an ocean floor. Oil and natural gas are made by the decomposition of marine life, and with time, oil rises to the land’s surface, seeping into the rock. You could light a kitchen match simply by holding it in the air in […]

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Are We Remembering the Alamo for the Right Reasons?

testingAre We Remembering the Alamo for the Right Reasons?

The Alamo, the “Shrine of Texas Liberty,” was a San Antonio mission-turned-fortress caught in an 1836 battle against the Mexicans. The party line, and a lot of the truth, is that Texas was declaring independence from Mexico. Remember that Texas wasn’t yet a United state; and given overpopulation of Americans in the territory, Mexico abolished […]

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Toilet Seats as Scrapbooks?

testingToilet Seats as Scrapbooks?

You don’t have to look hard to find life moments to commemorate: the color of autumn leaves, a collection of your children’s beloved toys, the leftover hair at the neighborhood Super Cuts. Now: how to display these mementos? Some are flat and some are dimensional. Why a toilet seat lid, of course! It’s the most […]

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Thank You, G-d, for Texas BBQ

testingThank You, G-d, for Texas BBQ

All B&W photos are courtesy of Flickr. I’m just not comfortable taking pictures of people, particularly in such close proximity. This is a feast for the eyes, not just for the tummy. Look at the colors. The effects of the smoke. The basics of eating on paper–not paper plates but paper. This is Texas BBQ. […]

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