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And THIS is Why I’m Traveling Now

testingAnd THIS is Why I’m Traveling Now

It’s just a two mile round-trip hike to Hamilton Pool, an hour outside of Austin Texas, but it’s steep in parts and the path is an obstacle course of rocks and tree roots. It’s worth it: the destination is a swimming hole partly housed within a cavern, complete with stalactites and moss. While on this […]

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Austin Does Not Need to Fret about Keeping It Weird

testingAustin Does Not Need to Fret about Keeping It Weird

This is the mantra of Austin. Surrounded by, well, Texas, Austin folks works hard to encourage others to stay in Dallas, and to bring the wacky to their city. I’m here to tell you that they have nothing to fear. They’re doing just fine on the weirdness spectrum. Cathedral of Junk Where else would you […]

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Cowchips: It’s Worse than You Thought

testingCowchips: It’s Worse than You Thought

Harnessing the land; that was the way during the expansion across the prairies–and still today. With few trees in the landscape but lots of wind, early ranchers and cowboys did what they could to build houses and create a sense of home. The National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock Texas takes visitors on a journey […]

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Who Inspired Elton John to Wear Crazy Glasses?

Buddy Holly. His basic need-to-see glasses impressed Elton John with the need-to-be-seen. They’re the model for hipsters today, whether they know it or it. His professional career lasted only 18 months, but in that time Holly literally influenced the Beatles and Stones, among others of course. The first song that the Stones recorded was his: […]

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The Second-Largest Canyon in America

testingThe Second-Largest Canyon in America

Must we compare everything to the Grand Canyon? Can’t canyons stand on their own merit? Some mountain ranch isn’t the Rockies of the South; a hiking trek isn’t the Appalachian Trail of the Middle East. Be who you are, not who you’re not. Why my tirade? Waimea Canyon on Kauai–The Grand Canyon of Hawaii Providence […]

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