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Want to Know What I Miss Most About Home?

People who aren’t Caucasian. And my nieces. To be clear, I myself am white. And back home I lived in a bubble world with mostly white friends. But reality brought interactions with people of many ethnicities and I miss that. When in Philadelphia, I was so happy to see African American people that I intentionally […]

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I’m Not a Nigerian Prince, But You Can Help Me Win $5,000!

My story has been chosen as a monthly finalist in the RandMcNally RV Stories contest. Happy Day! Up next: winning the whole shebang: $5,000. Will you please help? It means voting – daily through the end of September – if you’re so inclined. I know that daily voting is a pain in the derriere. Just […]

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It’s 10:16 pm. Do You Know Where You Are?

testingIt’s 10:16 pm. Do You Know Where You Are?

I. Am. H.O.M.E. In MY bed. With fresh sheets. Snuggled into the alcove. After 50 days of living in hotels (and with friends and relatives) while my RV was repaired, I am finally home. Reunited and it Feels so Good Picked up the camper at 4:30. It took MASSIVE control not to hug everyone encountered […]

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How To Tell if your Insurance Agents are Superheroes

My insurance agents are superheroes. They can calm fears in a single bound. They can assess damages faster than a speeding bullet. They are more powerful than the other guy’s insurance (really, they got him to pay my deductible!). I don’t know if they wear tights and a cape–what they do in their own time […]

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Day Trips: Essentials for your Bag

Want a day bag that Mary Poppins would covet? That Boy Scouts would look at with wonder? That Marines would see and say, “Semper Fi! That person is prepared!” Of course you do. Because you want to meet Mary Poppins and everyone knows that she only appears for two reasons: 1. terrible children (and we […]

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