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Pit Stop or the Pits?

While I’m Eastward Ho!, AKA on the road again, enjoy this bit of tacky and whimsy. *** Is this the Tackiest Place on Earth? Original post February 24, 2012 Since I haven’t been to every single place on Earth I can’t attest as to whether South of the Border  in South Carolina is in fact the […]

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More Sci-Fi than I Knew Existed

While I’m Eastward Ho, AKA frequenting truck stops, enjoy these characters. *** DragonCon: Oh, the Humanity! Original post September 3, 2011 The DragonCon parade was more than a girl could hope for! Elementary school friend Naomi and I went early for the “mustering,” where the folks in the parade gather by theme (Star Wars, Super Hero, etc.). […]

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Seed-Sptting Contest: Where Couth Comes to Die

While I’m making my way east, enjoy this tale of disgusting activities all in the name of a prize and err, honor. *** The Watermelon Carnival Originally posted as a series August 17-22, 2011 The Watermelon Carnival is Water Valley, Mississippi’s most prized annual celebration (that’s what the website says). Bless their hearts. The site also asserts […]

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Eastward Ho!

testingEastward Ho!

My zig-zag across the country is coming to a bittersweet close. I’ll be back in hometown Atlanta by late-May! That Seems So Soon! Technically, yes, it is. But you haven’t had the benefit (or curse?) of being inside my head. That sabbatical wasn’t only to refresh after seeing so much, it also was to refocus. […]

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Folk Art with Found Objects

While I’m on sabbatical, AKA watching back-to-back episodes of Law & Order, hopefully you’ll find inspiration in this art and messages. **** Soul-Moving Folk Art in Alabama Original post June 7, 2012 I’ve never really liked Folk Art, so was surprised at myself for having two stops in one trip. Perhaps it’s their subjects, or […]

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