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Hang Gliding over the Outer Banks

While I’m on sabbatical, AKA working out at Muscle Beach, enjoy this old post. *** Hang Gliding when you’re Afraid of Heights Originally posted February 10, 2012 Hang gliding was amazing! I didn’t do the kind where you run off the mountain – I am afraid of falling on my face, crushing my legs on […]

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The Moonpie Festival

While I’m on sabbatical, AKA reading trashy novels, enjoy this blast from the past. **** The Most Creative Festival Contests I’ve Ever Encountered Originally posted June 17, 2012 The Best Festival Ever The fine people of Bell Buckle, TN know how to throw a festival. The Moon Pie Festival was a blast! A bare-chested band who can’t […]

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Oh Goody: Bugs!

While I’m sabbatical, AKA shifting my sleeping patterns, enjoy this walk down memory lane. **** A Bug’s Life…Is Short When It’s Inside My Trailer Originally posted June 21, 2012 Disclaimer: if you don’t believe in killing bugs when they’re in your home, then you won’t like this post. That’s your prerogative. It’s mine to kill […]

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Videos: Living in an RV

While I’m sabbatical, AKA doing yoga uncomfortably close to other trailers, enjoy this post from the past. ****** Living in an RV originally posted October 2, 2012 You asked, and finally I deliver. We have video upon video about towing the trailer, setting it up for travel, setting up utilities at the campground, and a […]

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While I’m on sabbatical (AKA at the beach), enjoy this re-run. **** What’s a Jewish Girl Like You Doing in a NASCAR Place Like This? originally posted June 12, 2012 It’s mandatory to visit something NASCAR when in Charlotte. My friends who live here weren’t aware of this rule, but I gleaned it from the […]

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