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Sabbatical from my Sabbatical

Now I know what it feels like to be a celebrity. Well, kinda. I used to be annoyed by actors who “need” to take a year off after back-to-back films, or singers who “require” extended R&R after a tour. I mean come on–we all work hard but celebrities have assistants to cook and run errands. […]

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Even a Full-Time Traveler Needs a Vacation

Full-time travel is NOT like vacation. Plus, don’t you always feel the need for vacation when you get home from vacation? You’re tired, you’ve experienced a lot, and still have chores and projects to do. Plus gobs of laundry. That’s where I am right now–in need of NO stimulation. Slow Down There, Missy I’ve been […]

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Dear USPS, You’re Welcome.

I never really understood the point of postcards when you’re on a week-long vacation. “Wish you were here” isn’t always true, let’s be honest. And I’ll be home before the mail arrives and we can talk about the trip then. Well, with my extended travel, I’m obsessed with postcards. ¬†And brochures, and tourism rack cards, […]

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Un-Delights of Full-Time Travel

Learning, exploring, adventuring, writing, photographing… Amazing. Babysitting my laundry, having six gallons of hot water for a shower, not knowing where to find good Chinese for the, err, required monthly consumption… Less than amazing. You’re Traveling, Get Over It! Indeed, I’m traveling. And it’s wonderful. But that glee minimizes, not eliminate, realities. These are some […]

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A Dry Spell

Sure, sure, everyone gets dry skin in the winter. But not only is my skin depleted, my throat is so parched from sleeping that I feel like I swallowed a desert, and my nasal passages are in such discomfort it’s shocking that they recover in only 20 minutes. How do I find myself in this […]

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