Delaware may be the 1st State, but it’s the 43rd for Me!

When you’re a on quest to see all 50 states, you’ve gotta take some for the team. And Delaware was one of these cases. My apologies to the first state, but you don’t have a lot going on. A beach, a ton of mansions, a capital. Zippadeedoodah.

Even Roadside America, a site that finds a way to turn every random thing into a destination, had limited offerings. The World Champion Punkin Chunkin would be great…if it weren’t July. The World’s Largest Frying Pan…I don’t understand the need for such things. But some people do, like the folks at Go Big or Go Home who plan their treks around seeing America’s biggest [everything].

So the best thing about Delaware–for me–was that it achieved my 43rd state. Wa-hoo!

A Methodist Camp Turned Carnival

Rehoboth Beach started out as a Methodist camp meeting ground. We’ve come a long way baby.

Now it’s an arcade, tattoos that deserve staring, girls with more belly button jewelry than I knew a midriff could support, and people waiting in line for Thrasher’s french fries like they were manna from heaven (it turns out they are; I had some).

Burying in the Sand at Rehoboth Beach DE A Boardwalk Beach

I’ve never seen anything like this. For starters, parking can be miles away and there’s a bus to get you from parking to the beach. This ain’t no down-the-block stroll that I’m used to in the South.

I fretted as I carried my beach chair, banging against my leg, that I would be the only one with such accoutrements. Silly girl. Those folks were just already on the beach and had been for hours. Chairs, coolers, umbrellas.

As you walk the green mile to the beach, you’re bombarded with opps to shop. Junky stuff I understand, but upscale clothing stores? Please explain. Do you want your wares tried on by sweaty, sandy people? Feh.

Rehoboth Beach DE

The Ageless Wonder of the Arcade

Chuck E Cheese ain’t got nothin’ on this. And sadly, that’s about the closest I’ve come to experiencing this kind of environment. (Well, perhaps combine CEC with Six Flags.) Rides, Carousels, whack-a-mole, and the holy grail: skee ball. I now understand the lure of a boardwalk beach.

But I still don’t like the sand.

Oh! And the water was out of this world cold. Don’t they know it’s July? You’re supposed to swim in that stuff, not just dip your toe in…

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What are your favorite arcade games?




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