Getting Sick on the Road

I have a cold. It’s your basic disgusting, unpleasant cold. Lots of sleep, lots of water, lots of TV and all will be fine.

Only One Minute Left to Purchase

Except I don’t have lots of TV. The roof antenna claims to have found 19 channels in this area, but in reality it’s 8-ish. They blip in and out–usually at the punchline. I can’t get the networks clearly, but the shopping channel has stellar reception. First of all, I didn’t know that shopping was on basic TV, and secondly, that’s not sooo bad because I have an odd fascination with infomercials and the shopping channel. I never knew you could fill 30 minutes of programming talking about the tufting in a quilt. But you can.

Yay America!

Following other travel bloggers, I’ve seen that many write about getting sick on the road. They’re all international travelers, so getting sick means something very different than the common cold. Yet another reason to travel America…

Attention all Surrogate Mothers (and particularly the one who birthed me)

  • Yes, I got my flu shot
  • Yes, I felt feverish the next day–a side effect about which they warned
  • Yes, I’m taking medicine
  • Yes, I’m eating protein
  • Yes, I’m warm enough
  • No, I don’t have a fever
  • No, I don’t have a vaporizer. I never understood the good they do when I had ample space in a house, so instead I brought my crockpot
  • I think I may have gotten the cold while at synagogue services–all those people
  • It likely would have happened after the High Holidays even if I were in Atlanta, so no need to fret

That about covers it. I’m going back to bed.

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OMG. I got claustrophobic looking at your video clips yesterday. Now I envision you fighting a cold in, essentially, a big phone booth. Is this what your mother would tell you builds character?

Jeannine – a big phone booth…love it! The bathroom is like that. The living space is probably as large as 3-4 cubes at a workspace (you know, the people who have fabric walls and no doors). It’s really not that bad – at least to me. I think having the cold is low on the list of building character – plumbing. Plumbing builds character.


Poor baby. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Is there chicken soup in your on-the-road crockpot? That could serve as a vaporizer too.

Meemalah – no chicken soup, and I do make a good one (thanks to the recipe from Mom’s friend). I’m in a VERY small town and was afraid of the meat section at the store. If you saw it, you’d understand. And I can’t eat meat from a can – a personal bias.


Oh, I totally forgot about plumbing. A cold, you just blow your nose and sneeze. Plumbing,…..well, you know. I remember that early blog about plumbing, so you already got character, then.


Feel better and you are welcome to ameliorate here

Jef – thanks for the invite. I don’t want to flummox anything by ameliorating there.

This is why I’ve always been suspicious of organized religion. You would think G-d would make Yom Kippor services a germ free zone or something.

Thanks for the “Get Your Flu Shot” reminder.

Hope you feel better soon.
Just One Boomer (Suzanne) recently posted..Aspen, Colorado – Skis OptionalMy Profile

Suzanne – thanks for the giggle!


You are wwelcome top stop by our place although it may be a little off your present route. I have some spare Z packs and we have an abundance of TV. The only problem with TV is that it seems to only be carrying the same old political stuff over and over.


Be well, my Friend.

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