How To Tell if your Insurance Agents are Superheroes

My insurance agents are superheroes. They can calm fears in a single bound. They can assess damages faster than a speeding bullet. They are more powerful than the other guy’s insurance (really, they got him to pay my deductible!).

I don’t know if they wear tights and a cape–what they do in their own time is none of my business.

What I do know us that Progressive Insurance hires stellar people and trains them well.

I imagine their courses to be these:

  • Emotional Customers 101
  • Ignorant-but-Detailed Customers 240
  • Belligerent Non-Customers 500

A Refresher

  • I had two accidents in one week. This also happened to be the first week that I was on the road. The first accident was not my fault (she’s quick to say). The second one was (she confesses)—driving into an overhang.
  • The first repair shop I went to (intentionally?) overcharged by 60% and did work that I didn’t ask them to do.
  • That shop (and another prior to it) neglected to point out the extent of roof damage from the second accident in a timely manner, despite my asking questions, causing delays and possibly further damage.
  • So with the guidance of my beloved Progressive insurance agents, I went to a new shop—that does work for ambulances and fire trucks.  They should answer the phone that way, “Hello. We repair ambulances and fire trucks. What can we do for you today?”

Progressive had their hands full with me. I really hope they renew my insurance policy…

What Exactly Makes Progressive Special?

They were patient with my ignorance. When asked to describe what was broken, all I could convey was that the corner of the RV wasn’t a corner anymore—and they understood.

They respected my lifestyle. I was given an allowance to live in hotels, but the policy doesn’t cover dining. Given that I’m a full-time traveler and eating out is much more expensive than cooking, they offered to review the policy carefully and look for exceptions to pay for food. Unfortunately there were none—but they tried.

They were communicative. Each incident had a team of two: someone in the office and someone in the field. They let me know when they were coming; when they were 15 minutes away; when the paperwork was being submitted; when it was approved; when my check was mailed; when they met with the shop…. My mother only wishes that I were this communicative with her!

They were responsive. When I found out that the overhang incident called for opening up the roof, I freaked out. I called the investigator from the with-another-person-accident, even though he wasn’t working on this one, and left him the most raw voicemail I’ve ever left a near-stranger–crying, panicked, untrusting of the original shop. He called me back at 7:00 a.m. and apologized for having been on vacation and that he wasn’t there to take my call. He listened, we strategized, and he ended the call by saying, “be careful out there.”

It was like the roll call scene at the opening of every episode of Hill Street Blues.


Now of course I hope you never have to get to know your insurance agent(s). But if you do, I happily recommend that you choose Progressive.

PS—I have Progressive for the RV and Travelers Insurance for the SUV. Full disclosure and full honor to my back-home independent agents who have insured me since I got my learner’s permit! Plus my house, and my umbrella, and guided me to Progressive for this adventure.


What POSITIVE story would you like to share about your insurance agent?

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Wow! We usually hear so many awful stories that it’s a relief to hear such a positive experience. Kudos to the insurance company; good practices bring loyal clientele and that’s good business with good profits. Quality care that defines customer service. Thanks for sharing about your progressive insurance company.


Poor, PL! I had Progressive and left them—reluctantly—to choose payroll-deductible MetLife. They were even nice about that, wishing me well and telling me to come back if things didn’t work out for me. I certainly will.

Oh, and my mom and I had about 2 accidents under them, our first in years, right after we switched to them—Chris had one later—and they renewed us every time. It really is a great insurance company. If only Miles and I could stop hitting cars in the 1762 parking lot, all would be good.

TMI. I know.

Still enjoying your blog—SC, originally from Buffalo, got a kick out of my describing how in love you were with Niagara Falls.

And do be careful out there.

1762 is the worst! just park on the wall of the bldg perpendicular to ours (oops, yours!) and you’ll be better. The spots are larger!

Paula, I am so glad to read that everything turned out great with your RV!!!
I keep thinking about the other quote you showed us and I’m so relieved you went with Progressive.
I too have the same insurance agent as you do and I have to agree, she is a superhero!!! Her sidekick Jennifer is fantastic too as well as everyone behind the cape @ Siegel Insurance. For those who live in GA, please call us to review your insurance please email me or call 404-633-6332. Tell us you heard about us on Paula’s blog and we will give you a free quote. Take care and know that we are here for you if you need us! Love, Adele

Hey all! Siegel Insurance is the group who’s insured me since I could drive – and likely since I was born, knowing my Dad. They take spectacular care of people, but are partial to Georgians. So call them. Their number couldn’t be easier: 404-633-6332


I had to share this with my son who is a Progressive agent. I too was so impressed with your Niagra visit….that will be the next trip that I take. Thanks for sharing so much.

Thanks for passing that along – vicarious praise. and glad you’re excited for Niagara Falls!

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