Hurry Up and Wait ~ It’s Kinda Boring at the Horse Track

Would I find the horses majestic or be bothered by the use of the crop?

With that in mind, I went to a horse race in upstate NY and learned that the viewing span was too limited to discern grandeur, and what bothered me most were the people at the track on a Thursday afternoon. They weren’t vacationers and this wasn’t their first time.

Horse Racing at Finger Lakes Casino

The Need for Speed

The race lasts just over a minute. The wait between races: 30 minutes. Twiddling my thumbs. Counting sheep. Checking Facebook. Filing my nails.

Turns out these horses only run 25 mph. The pros at tracks like Saratoga run 50 mph. What a letdown; I mean to see an animal merely run the speed limit in a school zone vs the speed limit on the highway…waste of time. Evidently the purse exponentiates with the speed: at the finger Lakes Casino: $4,000; at Saratoga: $90,000.

Horse Racing at Finger Lakes Casino

Horse Racing at Finger Lakes Casino

The Horse’s Entourage

Before the race, a buddy horse warms up with the runner to keep him/her from freaking out and running off the track.

After the race, the horses are cooled down with a walk around the track, often wearing blankets that look like football jersey material.

Horse Racing at Finger Lakes Casino


Have been to a race? Horse or dog?
What did you enjoy about it?


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Thanks – I didn’t know there was a speed difference. And good to see Jockeys wear elastic pants – perhaps they prepare them for the potential winning feast. I call those holiday pants.

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