I [Heart] New Jersey

Ha! Of COURSE I don’t.

But also can’t bring myself to say that I hate it. That’s so…high school. And definite. And would contradict the fun I had in Atlantic City and at the Thomas Edison Museum. Fret not, those posts will come soon.

So what exactly do I dislike about this incredibly popular state?

1. Tolls. They seem to be every few miles, and cost a fortune. Who heard of a $13 toll? Or one for $2.45?

2. The drivers are rude, aggressive, and terrible. A trifecta.

3. I can’t tell if people are from another country and speaking a foreign language, or if they’re speaking New Jersey.

4. It’s named the Garden State because of an (alleged) abundance of farms. I drove all over this blasted state and only saw one–ruined my perfect record. No…I’m not pouting.


Let’s end on a positive note. But YOU have to be positive. What do you LIKE about Jersey?


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Well…I have good friends that I met when I lived there and I still have great memories of Atlantic City, the Planetarium in Trenton and the New Jersey Botanical Gardens. Not much else positive…

love your candor… “not much else positive…”


In New Jersey I like Princeton–both the township and college are beautiful.

Meemalah, YOU’RE beautiful!


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We recently spent some time in New Jersey. Are you familiar with the Morris Museum in Morristown? They have a wonderful collection of automatons, player pianos and juke boxes. It is a fun place to visit.
The Thomas Edison museum in Edison, NJ is very interesting.
I am enjoying reading about you adventures.

wow, the Morris Museum sounds amazing! and I agree, the Thomas Edison Museum was a delight!

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