Mammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave is aptly named. In fact, it’s the world’s largest cave. Did you catch that? The largest. In the world.

It’s 367 miles of cave and they’re still exploring.  Though only 12 miles are open to the public you don’t feel, um, shafted.

Mammoth Cave Kentucky

Sure, it’s Got Size. But What about Beauty?

In spades, my friends; in spades.

Duh, mountains are beautiful on the outside, but who knew they were so stunning from the inside? Well, someone clearly did, and it wasn’t me.

Mammoth Cave is among the most beautiful, breath taking, awe-inspiring places I’ve ever been. A bold statement for a bold place.


Got an Inch to Spare?

The tours took us through spaces that were as wide as a four-lane highway and 100 feet tall. Pause for the shazzam.

Other places were only 3.5 feet tall and I simultaneously had to turn sideways to pass—these hips are made for birthing, not for navigating narrow spaces.

All of this glory was originally explored with torches that give off light equivalent to a Bic lighter. I truly can’t imagine…1. How they found their way; 2. Without injury; and 3. Were able to appreciate the magnitude and magnificence.

Excuse Me, Where are You From?

All this glory is the remains of dried riverbed inside of a mountain. Meandering tributaries, water lines, boulders to traverse.

After the river carved these formations, the water table found a point 110 feet lower and now the river flows there.  You can tour Mammoth Cave from that vantage, too, but sadly I wasn’t able to go on that trip.

BTW, It’s 54 degrees inside – every day of the year. At least you know how to dress….

Disclaimer: all photos are from Flickr. I simply can’t take good pictures in a cave.

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You picked some great pictures from Flickr. Between those pics, and your description, it makes me excited about going there to visit. 🙂

It’s one of my holy places! So glad y’all are going. When? Key me know bc I have other ky info, too

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