Mystic Pizza: A Slice of Heaven?

Mystic Pizza SignA slice of pizza heaven?  Um, no, not so much. I was compelled, COMPELLED I say, to eat there. My inner 13 year old girl had to dine at the namesake of my beloved childhood chick flick and find out if the magic really is in the secret sauce. It’s not. And there’s no need to keep this sauce a secret, truly. Tell folks and let them help you make it better.(Sorry, Mystic Connecticut…)

Now, if you do want a slice of heaven, go to Galla’s pizza in Atlanta (thank you Christina for introducing me to the 8th wonder of the world). That sauce is so good I want to wear it as perfume.

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I loved that movie and love this post!!

My inner 13 year old girl


“I want to wear it as perfume.” is your NEW bumper sticker. LOVE IT (though not Mystic PIzza — having dined there, I concur)


I’m going to have a a lot of bumper stickers!

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