National Park Week

Kiss a Frog Week, Find a Four Leaf Clover Week, Count your Freckles Week – these may or may not exist. They could, however all happen at a National Park. And April 21-29 is National Park Week.

If you haven’t been to an American National Park…Go. Now. Stop what you’re doing and get out there and experience their glory.

If you’ve been to one, you know why the urgent call to action above. And you should follow the same advice and go yourself. You probably miss it don’t you. Go on, admit it.

The wide open spaces. The cute Ranger hats. The spectacularly knowledgeable Rangers. The animals you’ve only seen in books or maybe the zoo.

So go and enjoy all that National Parks have to enjoy – during this celebration week and all year long.

What’s your favorite National Park?
Mine is Grand Tetons. No, Yellowstone. No, Mammoth Cave. No…

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