No News is Good News?

We’re taking a forced blog hiatus–terrible internet connection ruins the day. It took 20 minutes just to load this page–forget about adding photos and saving versions. There’s certainly no Starbucks in town, maaaybe a McDonalds, so I’ll see if I can find a place to post while here for the week. If not, life goes on.

The good news: life is going on.

  • I’ve crossed into my fourth time zone: EST, CST, Hawaii, and now MST
  • In the coming week I’ll visit TWO national parks
  • Good posts are coming your way about the desert, cattle, mountains, roadkill (yup), and cacti

Stay tuned…

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so there is a part of our great country where people talk ,l; look at each other in the eye; speak on the telephone
i am coming ….


This is universe making sure you enjoy your surroundings sans technology.

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