Planning the Next Trip while Living the Current One

A lot of folks wing it on vacation or when they’re a full-time traveler. I had fantasies that I would be able to do that, too. I can’t. It’s not in my nature.

I don’t want to go to New York and miss the Statue of Liberty because I didn’t do my homework. Or to miss the Statue of Liberty made out of butter, let’s say. So that research leads to planning, and planning leads to an itinerary, and an itinerary leads to reservations. So my trip isn’t as loosey goosey as it might be for some. Maybe it will be later for me. Maybe I’ll change (does anyone really think so?). Or maybe being in a looser place than central Ohio, like say anywhere out West, will allow for some openness in my planning–or lack thereof.

Irony: Stress about Hawaii

I’m planning to leave the continental states–and my RV–and fly to Hawaii for my 40th birthday. Yippee!

This takes some planning. And it’s kinda stressing me out. Which is ironic, since it’s Hawaii.

There’s sooooo much to experience, plus the need for utter laziness, plus the realities of budget. And then you have to fly from island to island, which calls for reservations. Do I go Priceline, or direct? I’m overwhelmed. And I’m doing it to myself. Ya think?

In Case of a Real Emergency

So that’s why you get this as your post today instead of tales about Motown and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (couldn’t have loved them more), or Kelley’s Island in Ohio (holy cow it’s idyllic). Because my energy is wrapped up in details, not creativity. So let’s all hope that I can get this Hawaii vacation finished today so that we can return to our regularly scheduled programming of sharing the fun and wonder of the places explored.


How do you feel about vacation planning?
Is it fun, stressful, something else?


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I’m the trip planner around here too. I’m always surprised how time consuming and anxiety producing it is. I’m planning for my husband too, so I think that increases my stress because if I screw up, it’s not just me who has a bad time. (Don’t ask him about our stay at the Comfort Inn in Charleston, S.C. which was caused by me procrastinating until that was the only choice.)
P.S. We’ve been to Hawaii twice. Feel free to email me with any questions.
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