Sabbatical from my Sabbatical

Now I know what it feels like to be a celebrity. Well, kinda.

I used to be annoyed by actors who “need” to take a year off after back-to-back films, or singers who “require” extended R&R after a tour. I mean come on–we all work hard but celebrities have assistants to cook and run errands. I don’t have assistants, do you?

So when I reached a place of exhaustion–from traveling–it felt indulgent. My wise friends helped me identify what’s going on:

  • I’ve been on the road 9.5 months and have driven over 18,000 miles.
  • 90% of these days were spent exploring. While that’s gorgeous, fun, and inspiring, I’m over-stimulated.
  • My skills now include way more plumbing tricks than I ever aspired to.
  • I’ve worked 30 hours/week on writing and photography–in addition to driving, cooking, cleaning, and adventuring.

More than a Vacation

It’s time to take a sabbatical from my sabbatical. It is not, however, time to return to Atlanta–there’s still so much to see, still some money, and still a desire to explore. I just need a little R&R.

So I’m taking a month in the Los Angeles area. No sightseeing, no writing, no moving around. With a spot near the beach, I’ll rest, read, and recoup. Plus, a bounty of friends live here, and while they’re certainly strange, they’re not campground strangers.

What about the Blog?

Fret not, loyal readers. In the interim, I’ll post on MWF, re-running content from the beginning of this trip and the explorations that came before. It’ll keep you entertained and keep me in the search engines.

Female Seeking Mail

Even though “real life” doesn’t have interesting mail, I miss going to the mailbox every day. So….if you reply in the comments and ask for my address, and if I personally know you, we can be pen pals through mid-April. If you send to me, I’ll send to you–I give good postcard.


Any questions? 😉

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As always, you are articulate and perceptive. Best of luck with your hiatus. It makes sense. Glad you’re not making us go cold-turkey (what does that mean, anyway?) from your humor and insight. Enjoy your strange friends.

Enjoy your little break – you deserve it. And best wishes for a Happy Pesach!

Paula! Thrilled you are seeing the state from which I was born! Plus, Trez and I spent the first part of our marriage in Southern California in
Westlake Village ~ Trez would come up from Malibu and take the
mountain switchbacks home every day from working in Culver City ~ And I worked at the Daily News (in the Valley!) ~ Not sure if it is still there?

One particular postcard I would love, if you go is from the Getty Museum…I remember when it was under construction and I have heard it is beautiful ~ it is on my list when “Aunt Pidgeeee” is summoned back by her two adorable, handsome nephews who live in Orange County to babysit ~ I try to get out to California once a year. Oh…and I want (now I feel greedy) a postcard from where you are camping! Trez and I hope to get to Santa Fe this year and may keep going…so would love your recommendations! Stay Cool ~ I can give you our address via email? Stay Safe, Penny & Trez


You deserve every delicious moment of your sabbatical. I do expect paparazzo pictures of you doing nothing

Having followed your blog, your travels and your travails, I can understand why it’s time for a sabbatical from your sabbatical. I often feel like I need a vacation after a two week vacation and that’s without driving a trailer around!

One technical question: As a fellow blogger I have old posts that probably only close friends and relatives have seen that I would be tempted to repost when I spend a week having vertigo or some other ailment not conducive to writing. How does Google (Panda, Penguin and whatever other cute animals they name their algorithms after) “feel” about reposted content within a blog. My understanding is that they don’t like it when one site reposts content from another site. (Hmm. Maybe this is a topic for email so we don’t totally bore your other readers.)
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Your Comments
Have a restful hiatus from it all and please do send me your email address so I can put it in my phone and write to you of how I may have put one over on your dad! We are here for Passover and will be thinking about you!
Patty and Dick

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