So Very Tired

No blog post today…or tomorrow by the time you get this.

I’m sleepy.

  • drove 204 gorgeous miles
  • hiked a trail that’s now on my list of top 10 best hikes
  • photographed by squatting, leaning, plopping
  • started the day at 26 degrees, got to the high of 54 around 3:00, and then quickly plummeted back to the 30s
  • walked a path that greets you with a sign warning of mountain lions and forbidding small children to join your excursion because of said mountain lions
  • saw an animal I’d never heard of: Javelina (pronounced “have-a-leena”)
  • saw the sunset through mountains
  • had a glass of wine

So nope, I don’t have it in me to be cogent or pithy, much less to write. And tease that I am, the post detailing this glorious day won’t be the next you’ll read–because I’m here (site to be revealed later) for another day and we’ve got to get all the goodies together before sharing them.

Stay tuned…

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And in spite of declaring “no post”, you posted a good one! Looking forward to learning where you are and what made it so enjoyable.


Only 1 glass of wine? Surely, you deserve more (and I know your name isn’t Shirley)


You’ve earned it. Even God rested on the seventh day.

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Pete guessed that you drove down to Big Bend and stayed overnight at the lodge before I even read your post. If you get the chance, do the Lost Mine Trail. It made my top 10 list. Stay safe.

Yikes! Were you hiking alone? The last time I saw a mountain lion warning sign was while hiking in Zion National Park a few weeks after a mountain lion had killed a hiker in California. I wasn’t by myself, but neither I nor my hiking companion were armed. I admit I kept looking over my shoulder and felt kind of jumpy.
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