Do you collect something from everywhere you visit?

For me there’s always the artistic-collection-of-the-moment and once it’s reached a happy size I move on to something else. Plus there’s a compulsion to buy local jelly for my parents (it hasn’t always been a hit).

The constant is to get a postcard from every state. There are rules (of course there are; it’s me).

  • It has to have the state’s name and only the state’s name. It can’t be “Chicago, Illinois.” Only “Illinois.”
  • It must show the season when I was there: no fall foliage if I went in spring.
  • It must be of something I experienced. No great picture of a moose in New Hampshire if I (sadly) never got to see a single one.

And what will happen with these postcards? One day they’ll be framed. Right now I keep deferring that money to travel! Plus I haven’t been to all 50 states yet. And…a few aren’t up to par.

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