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Airplane Boneyard

testingAirplane Boneyard

Yes, I’m officially on Sabbatical. BUT there were three experiences still to share. This is number one… **** Where do military planes go to die? Tucson Arizona. Specifically, the airplane boneyard at┬áDavis Monthan Airforce Base. I’ve wanted to come here ever since seeing the 1987 “hit movie” Can’t Buy Me Love. In the Beginning After […]

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Why Did the Wright Brothers Go all the Way to Kitty Hawk for their Flights?

Why did the Wright Brothers go all the way to Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks of North Carolina for their flights? Why not work at home? They heard it had the right land and wind conditions. The actual distances of their flights aren’t that impressive empirically, but to consider the reality of flight takes […]

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