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Fake Aliens Are Soooo Much More Fun than Real Aliens

testingFake Aliens Are Soooo Much More Fun than Real Aliens

Fake aliens play foosball. Real aliens stir up controversy. Fake aliens demonstrate the comfort of a chaise lounge. Real aliens inspire conspiracy theory. Fake aliens fly in all manner of space craft. Real aliens make the government call everything a “weather balloon.” Fake aliens just want to go on a vacation. Real aliens encourage libraries […]

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Well, They’re Not Aliens….

testingWell, They’re Not Aliens….

It was 40-degrees-cold; but I went anyway. I’d had two martinis hours earlier and they’d made me happily snoozy; but I went anyway. I was squatting in the lobby of a fancy hotel next to the fire, on a smushy sofa; but I went anyway. What could compel me to leave such a cocoon? Mystery […]

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