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There are Animals in Hawaii

testingThere are Animals in Hawaii

Flowers aren’t the only exotic beings in Hawaii: the animals are bountiful and intriguing. For example, I saw a donkey. I wouldn’t consider a donkey exotic or indigenous to Hawaii, but there it was; complete with a Donkey-crossing-sign. And the only reason I knew it was a donkey was because it looked like Eeeyore (from […]

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Swans are very Bendy

Driving along in Arkansas and suddenly there’s a pair of swans. Of course there is. I’ve never seen swans that aren’t bought for a man-made lake or a movie wedding so this was very exciting! A good while was spent sitting in the grass watching them, smiling gleefully, and learning that they’re incredibly bendy animals. […]

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Go on Safari! In Georgia?

At the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA they sell slobber towels with good reason. The animals know that there’s food in them thar cars and they come INSIDE to get it! Here’s the skinny: you wander around (by-foot) a zoo-like experience with reptiles and miscellaneous animals while you wait for your turn to […]

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Will Stop for Barns

What is it that draws me to barns? The more dilapidated the better. And why are so many of them dilapidated? I respect the amount of work it takes to repair them, but they’re protecting your livelihood…?  I digress. If there’s a barn and you can see blue sky both around it and through it, […]

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