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The Ostrich Festival

testingThe Ostrich Festival

When a friend asks if you want to go to the Ostrich Festival, the answer is always yes. A resounding yes! So off went Susan, a floormate from freshman year of college, her two kids, and me. Chandler AZ–look out! We’re here to have some fun! Rides that prove your age by how nauseous they […]

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Cowchips: It’s Worse than You Thought

testingCowchips: It’s Worse than You Thought

Harnessing the land; that was the way during the expansion across the prairies–and still today. With few trees in the landscape but lots of wind, early ranchers and cowboys did what they could to build houses and create a sense of home. The National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock Texas takes visitors on a journey […]

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