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Lessons from a Year on the Road

testingLessons from a Year on the Road

We all learn things in a year, true. Take yourself out of “reality,” put yourself in an RV, alone, move every few days, and see what you learn now. A lot. As my trip nears its end (I arrive on my parents’ doorstep in 19 days), my thoughts are turning reflective–even more so than usual. […]

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Sabbatical from my Sabbatical

Now I know what it feels like to be a celebrity. Well, kinda. I used to be annoyed by actors who “need” to take a year off after back-to-back films, or singers who “require” extended R&R after a tour. I mean come on–we all work hard but celebrities have assistants to cook and run errands. […]

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Day 290: Arrive at the California Coast!

testingDay 290: Arrive at the California Coast!

Day 290 of the cross-country trip and I arrive at the California Coast! It was awesome crossing into the state three days ago–my sixth timeszone: EST, CST, Hawaii, MST, Arizona (no Daylight Savings) and PST!!! And now I’ve gone from sea to shining sea! I arrived just in time to see the sunset!  

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