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Should We Live in a Cave or a Canyon?

testingShould We Live in a Cave or a Canyon?

If there’s a perfectly good canyon–with a stream–why would Native American people choose to live in caves carved into a cliff? If there are perfectly good caves, why would people choose to go to the effort of building homes in the canyon? Since the Ancestral Pueblo people of mid-New Mexico had both kinds of dwellings […]

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An Ancient Easter Egg Hunt?

testingAn Ancient Easter Egg Hunt?

Petroglyphs? Eh, good for those ancient people to leave their story, but I’ll pass. Wait, there’s over 21,000 in one location and I don’t have to scale a cliff? Alright, I’m in. The Rivers Petroglyphs in southwestern New Mexico blew me away. I truly was not expecting to be as enamored, or surprised, or fascinated […]

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Indians Came Up with the Name “Buffalo Soldier”

testingIndians Came Up with the Name “Buffalo Soldier”

Interesting and ironic: the Native Americans named black men in the U.S. military “buffalo soldiers.” It was a commentary on their hair, which reminded the Indians of a buffalo’s coat. But the name took, not really in a good way, and all regiments of blacks in the military were called Buffalo Soldiers for far too […]

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The Journey vs. the Destination: Bish Bash Falls

It’s fun to say, isn’t it? Bish Bash Falls. Go ahead, say it out loud–you know you want to. This Massachusetts state park is beautiful and the falls are indeed impressive, but the hike itself was actually more compelling for me. And in fact, the hike back to the car, not the anticipatory hike to […]

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Land of Trembling Earth: The Okefenokee Swamp

The Okefenokee Swamp is at the Georgia-Florida border and is an experience not to miss. Unless of course you have swamps of your own with alligators galore, boat trails (vs hiking trails), and glorious mosquitoes (insert sarcastic font here–but only about the mosquitoes). We’ll pause for a phonetics lesson. Oh+key+fuh (phonetics)+no+kee So What Does the […]

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