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Dear USPS, You’re Welcome.

I never really understood the point of postcards when you’re on a week-long vacation. “Wish you were here” isn’t always true, let’s be honest. And I’ll be home before the mail arrives and we can talk about the trip then. Well, with my extended travel, I’m obsessed with postcards. ¬†And brochures, and tourism rack cards, […]

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Orphans. The Preferred Riders on the Pony Express

testingOrphans. The Preferred Riders on the Pony Express

If you’re a business man sending employees on a mission through the depths of the Wild West, alone, would you prefer to send someone with a family who will wail and moan (and sue?) should anything happen to him; or an unattached soul, say, an unmarried orphan? The Pony Express was a genius mail system […]

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