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Take a Deep Breath and Look Around You

testingTake a Deep Breath and Look Around You

Marfa TX is known for art. Funky, avant-garde art. Installations, not sculptures. I knew this going there, and was excited to experience it. But upon arrival, my disposition changed dramatically. Ummm, a field of enormous cement rectangles? I just didn’t get it. Add to my muddled state that you can’t view the art at any […]

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Well, They’re Not Aliens….

testingWell, They’re Not Aliens….

It was 40-degrees-cold; but I went anyway. I’d had two martinis hours earlier and they’d made me happily snoozy; but I went anyway. I was squatting in the lobby of a fancy hotel next to the fire, on a smushy sofa; but I went anyway. What could compel me to leave such a cocoon? Mystery […]

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